X-Band HPA

These power amplifiers have been seen for a few years at the Friedrichshafen ham radio show, which is held each year in Germany. They have been on sale for around 20 euros. The amplifiers need +10dBm to +15dBm of input RF, and will produce 7.5 watts over the frequency range.


The picture below shows the connector block. The supply voltage can be from 11v to 14v - higher voltages of course result in more heat dissipation. Approximately 5 to 6 amps is required.


The -9v pin is regulated down to -5 and is used to bias the Gasfet devices. Approximately 100mA is required at this pin. It should also be present all of the time.

The SND pin provides an output from the power detector adjacent to the output strip line.

The TX pin can be used to inhibit the RF output by applying a few volts.

This particular PA operates in the 6425MHz to 7125MHz band and has a type number of: CGB647105-08. The power output rating as printed on the case is +37dBm which equates to 5 watts. This particular amplifier also provides power on 5.7GHz - increased power could be obtained by tuning the strip line.

A C-band variant of this amplifier has also been seen. It's type number is CGB364205-01 and it operates from 3600MHz to 4200MHz with +37dBm power output.