PW Meon

Important notice: Please note, these files relating to the Meon are copyright of the original authors and PW publishing ( They have been found on the Internet after extensive searching etc.

They are here for archive purposes only, as Meon documentation seems to be a little rare to say the least. For a transverter design published in the early eighties this one has certainly stood the test of time.

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If you have any other documents that are Meon related please send them in and they will be added to this archive.

A complete set of original PW Meon documentation is available from the PW publishingoffices in Poole - contact details from

Spectrum Communications ( sell the PW Meon PCB for £15.00. Probably worth contacting them if you want to get a board and build the transverter.

Files in this directory are:

  • meon1-7 - The original 50/70MHz Meon published in October 1985
  • 144_IF_Meon1-5.jpg originally published in PW in April 1986
  • 4m_PA_1-2.jpg The G4JNT 4M PA published in PW in June 1991
  • A Linear A200 amplifier.pdf - Doc written by a FRARS member,explaining how to make an A200 linear!