Smart-1 Lunar Orbiter

Update 15/08/2006 - Smart-1 finally heard on X-band. Here are a few screenshots of the X-band carrier, showing the Doppler shift. The frequency was around 8453MHz. There is some further info on Smart-1 at the S-Band reception page.

8452993 1508

(Above) Initial detection showing carrier falling (CW mode)

8452993 1508a

(Above) Doppler inversion showing carrier rising (CW mode)

8452993 1508b

(Above) Doppler inversion showing carrier rising extremely fast (CW mode)


SDR-14 output showing the actual carrier rising as Smart-1 accelerates towards the Moon. (Note IF frequencies displayed in Spectravue, add 8GHz for RF)

The FFT below is of the signal from Smart-1 in orbit around the Moon. The signal was very strong, peaking 20dB over noise in 2.5KHz. The nominal frequency of Smart-1 wass 2235.100MHz. This signal was captured on the 6th May 2006 at 18:46GMT.


(below) Smart-1 2235.1MHz signal received on an S-Band omni.