New Horizons Pluto Charon

Update 1st May 2006 The signal from New Horizons is nearly reaching the limits of the current receive system. The spacecraft is 91,059,104.88 miles from Earth. The LNA system will be revised with another tweaking session on the noise figure, followed by the addition of Peltier cooling. This should add some useful SNR improvements.


Update 19th April 2006 New Horizons is still detectable, but getting weak. NHPC is only 73,534,657.32 miles away, but isn't a strong signal. The FFT below shows the signal from the space-craft. The ticks at the side of the FFT are once every 10 seconds.


Update 12th April 2006 The New Horizons Pluto Charon probe has been detected. Its currently 64,509,464.88 miles away from earth. The signal isn't particularly strong on a 1.8m dish, but the signal is easily seen in FFT. The frequency at 22:03GMT was 8437.253 MHz. The space craft is moving at 22Km per second. Luis CT1DMK also has DX'd the New Horizons probe, his FFT's are here