Mars Odyssey

Update 27th March 2018 Odyssey detected after 2 years!

Mo 270318Mo 270318

Update July 2016 Signals received from Odyssey, not at all strong but certainly easy to detect:

Mo 060716Mo 050716

Update May 2014 Another two detection sucesses with signals received on the 25th and 11th May.

MO 250514MO 110514

Update 23rd December 2007 After reading success stories from the Amateur-DSN yahoo group on Odyssey reception, it was checked and found to be a good signal on 8406.785MHz, as the FFT below shows:


Update 11th April 2006 Mars Odyssey have finally been received using the 1.8m dish antenna - thanks goes to DSN guru Bertrand F5PL in France for his frequency commentary which allowed this signal to be located - this signal is by far the weakest seen so far, and in fact redefines the use of the words 'weak signals'


The above image shows the Doppler trace from Odyssey - its highlighted with the two yellow lines to help see it, as its very weak. At the time this FFT was made (note FFT time is local BST - GMT +1), the receive frequency was 8406.3635 MHz. This isn't a bad signal when you consider that Mars is 162,148,081.68 miles away and the Odyssey space craft uses a 1.3m High Gain Antenna fed with 15 watts of power!