Update from 29th April 2009 - First signals on 32GHz from Kepler !!!!!

Details of the equipment used to receive Kepler's 32GHz downlink can be found on the Ka-Band pages. Kepler transmits its Ka band downlink via the 46.6dB gain antenna on board, transmitter power on board is 14dBW. The FFT's below are made with the RF-Space SDR-14 FFT receiver. Note: the slight wobble in the carrier is caused by the GPS reference oscillators 10MHz output being multiplied up 3420 times to generate the 34.2GHz local oscillator.


above - FFT in 5KHz b/w of the 32166.1711 MHz downlink at 19:41z 29/04/2009 - probe around 3226045 Miles away from Earth


above - FFT in 3KHz b/w of the 32166.1653 MHz downlink at 21:27z 29/04/2009 - probe around 3226445 Miles away from Earth


Update from 8th March 2009 - The Kepler mission X band downlink has been copied on 8424.476MHz, not a particularly strong signal as the antenna on the space craft is low gain (6.5dB) fed with 14dBW of RF.

above - FFT in 5KHz b/w of 8424.476MHz downlink at 19:18z 8/3/2009