Hayabusa2 was launched on the 3rd December 2014 and is heading towards asteroid 162173 Ryugu which its expected to arrive at in July 2018. The antennas on board include a pair of 90cm X-Band and Ka-Band phased array antennas transmitting at 8406.664MHz, 8425.864198MHz and 32018.180MHz.

Signals received on the 14 May 2018

Hyb2 140518

And a Doppler corrected version of the same signal.

Hyb2a 140518

Signals received on the 8th December 2014

H2 081214

Signals received on the 7th December 2014

H2 071214

H2 071214a

H2 071214b

Audio Recording of the carrier captured in the above FFT's: