Ku Band PLL LNB's

Work in Progress - The following is a list of PLL LNB's for Ku band;


Need info + photos

Goobay 67269

Goobay 67269

PLL LO / Down converter IC is a TFF1014HN with a 25MHz XTAL.

Tiger TL-3111

Octagon Optima OTSLO / OSLO (twin / single output)


PLL LO / Down converter IC is a RDA3560M with a 27MHz XTAL.

Avenger PLL321SO / PLL321S-2

Need info + photos


Need info + photos

Venton EXL-S Rocket single LNB

Very hard to remove the PCB since its siliconed into the casting. Cut into the PCB in the bottom right and remove a triangle of board (3 holes X 3 holes). This allows a tool to be used to pry the board upwards. Dont forget to properly desolder the F-type board connection. Venton1 exls

Polyrod beam forming waveguide insert. Venton1 exls

PLL LO / Down converter IC is a TFF1012 with 25MHz XTAL. Input FET / intermediate stage FETs are V75 NE3503M04.

If you have details on other PLL LNB's please send them and a photo of the board.

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