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BTW if you have any nice audio samples that you would like included here, please email them to sounds@uhf-satcom.com. Matthius DD1US also maintains an excellent archive of 'sounds from space'. Mysteryship.nl also has an excellent satcom audio archive.

There is a list of equipment used to receive each of the following, to view it, click here. In the following list, for Shuttle digital audio, S/G indicates space-to-ground communications from the ISS. A/G denotes air-to-ground communications from the Shuttle. When the Shuttle is undocked, both channels operate as air-to-ground. The digital multiplex from the Shuttle contains two audio channels and a host of other telemetry, including payload data and sequential still video, although the data format for the video is unknown (info is needed on this!).

Note: We are looking for details of the full S-Band telemetry frame, particularly relating to the Sequential Still Video that is transmitted via this link. We need to know where in the frame it is, the compression type, etc - if you have any info on this, please get in touch, it would be awesome to get images out of the archive of data!

Contributors system information.

pjm: 	 AOR AR5000, RF-Space UHF LNA, 6 Turn UHF helical antenna pointing to 1W, located in Southern England. S-Band: 90cm dish on AZ/EL tracker, G4DDK VLNA.
xBr: 	 AOR AR8600, Band III/UHF Logper antenna, located in Hungary.
r00t:	 AOR AR5000, Avantek LNA, 16dB gain WIFI yagi, QSDR wideband software defined receiver
Trango	 AOR2300, QSDR, 1.2m offset with db6nt S-Band LNA
nvs: 	 AOR AR5000, 260MHz 6El. RHCP Yagi, wideband LNA. S-Band: 90cm PFA, EME103B LNA, G1MFG S-Band Video-rx
Brian-DK:UBC780XLT, 4El. UHF-Yagi, Located in Denmark.
Luca:	 IC-R8500 and a 5 turn Helical, Located in Italy.
Devoider:AOR AR8200Mk3, broadband LNA, 6El. UHF-Yagi, located in Western Germany.
Jonor:	 Icom 8500, Diamond X5000 Vertical. AOR-5000, 5 element Homemade Yagi pointed at 1W, Located in Ireland.

Note: none of these audio samples may be used for commercial purposes or used in any way unless permission in writing is obtained by the members of #hearsat on ZIRC - see legal cruft on the home page.