UHF-Satcom.com - miscellaneous info pages                                                                                                         (12/05/2013 19:05:21 +0100)

This page will feature miscellaneous info that doesn't really fit anywhere else on the site. Mostly it will consist of research info, equipment modification stuff, and also general radio / satcom related info. Datasheets for microwave components and associated radio equipment will also appear here as and when its collected.

Info Description
AR3000A Memory mod Double the AR3000/ AR3000A memory capacity to 800 channels!
Marconi TFT power heads Microscope images of Marconi / General Microwave TFT power head sensors.
Wideband LNA idea Simple conversion of a satellite TV LNB into a wideband LNA
137MHz LNA design A preamp for the 137MHz satellite band
FT897 band switching Details of the binary switching band data outputs
Noise figure info A basic chart to convert dB to Kelvin
Datasheets Datasheets - including Microwave IMFET's, GaAsFETs, and other radio equipment
10MHz distribution amplifier Some ideas for a 10MHz reference signal distribution system
GPS 1.575 GHz distribution amplifier 4 port 1.575 GHz distribution amplifier designed for GPS
GaAsFET bias supply A DC-DC converter board designed to provide supply voltages for GaAsFET devices
Satellite Beacon Primer A brief guide to satellite beacons, TT&C and antenna alignment.
Satellite loop primer A guide to setting uplink / downlink frequencies and power levels
Surplus X-band SSPA Details of a X band PA that appears on the surplus market
Voyager 2091 firmware 3.29u Details of how to modify your BT ADSL router to update it to the latest firmware.
PW Meon document archive Some archived info on the PW Meon 50MHz / 70MHz transverters.
Pye HS400 information Schematics and technical details for the Pye HS400 reference oscillator
Wireless Set No. 88 Schematics and user manual for WS88
Surplus X-Band LNA info Details and pictures of Ferranti X-Band LNA from VSC-501 satcom terminal
X-Band LNA info Details and pictures of Vertex RSI LNA / BDC from TSC-503 satcom terminal
L-Band Omnidirectional Antenna A nice write up of an Omnidirectional Inmarsat-C antenna design