UHF-satcom IRC channel updates                                                                                                              Last update: 22/10/2011 15:26 +0100

This page is for keeping track of the current location of the IRC channels that deal with satellite communications. The latest news regarding the channel can always be found below.

If you are not familiar with IRC, it is a multi user text chat room - #hearsat being the 'room' dedicated to satellite monitoring.

Once you have decided if IRC is for you, you will need a client program - one of the most popular for Windows is X-chat, which can be downloaded at http://www.xchat.org/windows/. Once downloaded and installed, a new network needs to be added - IRC. The server to point at should be irc.starchat.net/6667 and in the 'join channels' box, #hearsat needs to be added. Once done, set an appropriate nick name then press the 'connect' button and you should be connected to IRC and joined into the #hearsat channel - if this doesn't work, use the web client mentioned above, and ask for assistance in the channel.

Next step is to start chatting about satcom!

Don't forget the Amateur-DSN group for those of you interested in building your own 8.4GHz system, go here to sign up!

Its also worth downloading and installing Teamspeak as this tool is widely used for sharing audio streams.